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Face Unlock – Oneplus 6 Tips and Tricks

Face Unlock is another feature hijacked from iPhone X. Unlike iPhone X, the face unlock in OnePlus is far easier and simple. You don’t have to change your facial expressions while registering your face for security. However, an important thing is that before you register your face data, you need to use either PIN, pattern, or Fingerprint in case you don’t want to use Face Unlock every time.

Step #1. Open Settings on your OnePlus 6.

Step #2. Tap on Security & lock screen.

Step #3. Now tap on Face Unlock.

Here, you will find three options: Pattern, PIN, and Password. You can select any one option.

I have selected PIN as it is easier to remember and use four digits.

Once you set up the PIN (or Pattern/Password), you will be landed on Face Unlock screen by default. If this doesn’t happen automatically, you can go back to Security & lock screen and tap on Face Unlock.

Next, tap on Add face data and add your face data. Note that you are supposed to keep the phone 20-30 cm away from your face. Also, keep your phone and face in a bright environment. Your phone shows you a warning that reads that face unlock is less secure than fingerprint and password.

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