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Oneplus 6 Tips and Tricks : Get the most out of your device!


Reading Mode – Oneplus 6 Tips and Tricks

Given the large screen size of OnePlus 6, voracious readers would like to read eBooks and other materials on the phone. Since reading requires users to stare at the screen, it will create a negative impact on the sleep cycles as the phone sends out blue light. You can turn on reading mode on your OnePlus 6 from the Settings ⟶ Display ⟶ Reading mode. Moreover, your phone allows you to enable reading mode automatically within certain apps.

Customize Alert Slider – Oneplus 6 Tips and Tricks

The alert slider is available on all OnePlus devices from OnePlus 2. Earlier the Alert slider was available on the left side of the device, but now the same slider is located on the right side of OnePlus. You will find three different settings: Silence, Vibrate, and Ring. You can customize the Alert slider by tapping on Settings ⟶ Alert slider. Here, you can silence calls and notifications with no vibration except for alarms. When you toggle the media button, you can block notifications while watching videos.

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