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Unlock Bootloader – Oneplus 6 Tips and Tricks

This method is only applicable to OnePlus 6 smartphones and not to other Android phones. Before you go ahead, take a backup of your phone as this will remove all your phone data.

What will you need to unlock bootloader?

  • Have a laptop or a desktop computer to run fastboot commands
  • A good quality USB cable to connect your OnePlus 6 to the computer
  • Connect your phone to the power source (it should show 70% battery status)
  • There should be the latest OnePlus USB drivers on your device
  • Download and install ADB fastboot drivers

Step #1. First off, you need to enable developer option on your Android phone.

Step #2. Next, shut down your phone and boot your OnePlus 6 into fastboot mode.

For this purpose: press and hold volume up and power buttons simultaneously and your smartphone will boot into fastboot mode.

Step #3. Now you need to connect your phone to your computer with a lightning cable.

Step #4. Then launch ADB folder on your Windows computer.

Step #5. In the folder, hold the ‘Shift’ key and right-click anywhere in the folder.

Step #6. Choose ‘Open command window here’ from the menu that opens after right click.

Step #7. Issue a command and check the fastboot connection:

fastboot device

If your OnePlus 6 is identified by the above command, you can go ahead and unlock the bootloader by writing following command:

Fastboot OEM unlock

Following the command, your phone data will be erased. I hope you have taken the backup of your data.

Step #8. You will see ‘Unlock Bootloader Warning’ on your phone’s screen.

Step #9. Here, you need to press the volume button to choose Yes and turn it Blue, and then press the Power button for execution.

The bootloader of your OnePlus 6 will be unlocked.

Your OnePlus 6 will reboot; in case, your device doesn’t reboot on its own, you can type the following command:

Fastboot reboot

Start using your OnePlus 6 with bootloader unlocked on it!

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