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OnePlus 6 : First Impressions

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OnePlus really sticks by its tagline – Never Settle. Barely 6 months go by and the company puts out another update to its product. This time, after the rather nice OnePlus 5T, we have the OnePlus 6. OnePlus 6 is the most premium OnePlus smartphone I have seen till date. The attention to detail is impressive and the smartphone feels rock solid in hands.

Hardware – Oneplus 6 First Impressions

With the OnePlus 6, the company has totally refreshed its form factor as well, a more powerful processor, and a new 19:9 display upgraded from the 18:9 screen on the 5T. There’s also a dual lens camera set up, this time with optical image stabilisation for the main camera. Video recording up to 4K 60fps and a 720p 480fps slow-motion mode also feature on the Oneplus 6.

It’s a beast, powered by the current topdog Snapdragon 845 processor, along with 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM depending on which variant you pick. Coupled with the light and quick OxygenOS, the phone feels snappier than any other device that we have used. The top end variant also comes with 256 gigs (holy mother of Oneplus) of memory.

One shortcoming that we felt was w.r.t. the downward firing speaker. Most manufacturers in their flagship devices are giving stereo speakers with ample loud sound. But the audio performance on the Oneplus 6 is a bit tricky since there are no stereo speakers. The downward firing speaker can be easily covered by your hand while playing games and watching videos in landscape mode.

Battery – Oneplus 6 First Impressions

There’s also a large 3300mAh battery, with a power packed 5V 4A Dash charger in the box. No wireless charging though, despite the phone being made of glass on the back this time. We reckon Oneplus will be bringing wireless charging to the 6T. The Dash charging tech is simply put, the best fast charging solution out there. The Oneplus 6 charges in a jiffy but we still feel the battery does not last as long as it did on the Oneplus 5/5T. More in full review.

Design – Oneplus 6 First Impressions

Speaking of Glass, it’s the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 that the device has both on its front and back. And of course, with that 6.28 inch screen, there is a notch on the top. OnePlus has been spending some time pointing out that the notch includes a multi-colour LED, and a better front facing camera.

On the color front, we’re being given a choice between the matte Midnight Black, Ceramic White, and the more glossy Metallic Black. They’re all rather good looking, but we feel the Metallic Black version will steal the show (and slip from your hands?).


Whilst stuck to a 1080p display from the days of the Oneplus 3, OnePlus has done a pretty good job with the AMOLED screen they picked. It’s bright and vibrant, and pretty good to look at! The blacks are dark and the color profiles that Oxygen OS provides are extremely useful.

Pricing – Oneplus 6 First Impressions

The Oneplus 6 is extremely well priced at Rs 35,000 for the base model going all the way up to Rs 45,000 for the Avengers Edition. According to us, the base model is the most value for money that you can get. Also, Oneplus has slyly been increasing price of its devices which has not gone down well with a lot of fans. We however believe that the Oneplus 6 is still the most “bang for your buck” phone out there with a dearth of competition at this price level.

Camera – Oneplus 6 First Impressions

Initial impressions regarding the camera is good. The dynamic range even on Auto mode blew us away. However the non presence of OIS on the secondary camera and some of the autofocus issues that alot of people have reported seem to be a tiny little glitch in what can be a great camera. The latter is easily fixable by an OTA update so that is not the issue. We will be testing the camera on the Oneplus 6 extensively in the near future.

The Oneplus 6 seems to carry on the Oneplus legacy of providing fans with the top notch (yeah! Pun inteded) specs at almost half the price of the competing brands. We shall be reviewing the device in detail so keep your self updated with Techindian! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


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