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PhotoFast TubeDrive and TubeReader launched in India

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PhotoFast has launched two new accessories for iPhone users. The PhotoFast TubeDrive is a smart YouTube player that downloads and plays YouTube videos as well as acts as a personal data backup storage device for iPhones. The compact and powerful TubeDrive allows Apple users to access and manage all their media and data.

It also acts as a USB 3.1 Storage for iPhone, iPad and iPod. The elegantly designed TubeDrive has extremely fast reading and writing speed with a user-friendly interface. File encryption is available for one or multiple files. There is an App lock unlock feature and it supports Touch ID as well for security.

The PhotoFast iFiles+ app makes it very convenient to play, copy and move files, take backups and manage data between the internal storage and external cloud based drives. Files can be simply copied onto to the TubeDrive and it can then be plugged directly into the device where the files need to be transferred. The TubeDrive and the PhotoFast iFiles+ app work without network connection to help users access and share their files anytime, anywhere.

The TubeDrive also acts as a connector to charge the Apple device via a laptop with the super speed USB 3.1. It is available in various storage capacities ranging from 32GB up to 200GB.

The PhotoFast TubeReader is a variant of the TubeDrive, it comes with a memory card slot instead of inbuilt memory. It is the world’s smallest iOS Card reader which supports compatible memory cards up to 256GB.

The PhotoFast TubeDrive and TubeReader are now available in India via PhotoFast authorized distributors, World Media Corporation and R P Impex and online via Amazon

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