Kinsane launches a first-of-its-kind Edutainment App ‘KinToons – Nursery Rhyme DJ’ exclusively on the App Store

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Committed to developing safe and entertaining digital tools for 21st-century kids’ education, Kinsane Entertainment, Inc., a global digital entertainment & education company, today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind app, ‘KinToons: Nursery Rhyme DJ’This app is exclusively available on the App Store. The app has already been featured in multiple markets, including India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines and is trending in various categories like ‘Education’ and ‘Kids’ in several of these countries.

‘KinToons: Nursery Rhyme DJ’ is an interactive educational kids’ app that redefines a child’s exposure to Nursery Rhymes. In this delightful edutainment app, 2-5-year-old kids become DJs!  They get to create their own mixes of popular nursery rhymes, performed in real time by four lovable characters from the KinToons show.  With a variety of cheerful rhymes, playful characters, and colourful graphics, this app sparks the imagination and creativity of kids.

Announcing the launch of the app, Kurt Inderbitzin, CEO of Kinsane said, “Our goal at Kinsane is to make learning so much fun that kids don’t even realize they’re being taught critical lessons. In ‘KinToons: Nursery Rhyme DJ’ kids get to create their own original mixes of rhymes – they have complete control over what rhymes they hear and who sings them.  From an entertainment standpoint, the app’s graphics, interactive backgrounds, and delightful music will make the kids fall in love with Nursery Rhymes.  From an education standpoint, they learn – without ever realizing it – how segments of music can be joined together to create full songs, while, all the while, learning the lessons implicit in these popular rhymes.  Who knows…maybe the next world-class DJ like David Guetta or Annie Mac gets their start on ‘KinToons: Nursery Rhyme DJ.’

The launch of this app is another step in Kinsane’s aggressive plan to release 100 edutainment apps/games, 30 characters and 8 show franchisees this year. Kinsane has already launched five games from two of its original franchisees — ‘KinToons’ and ‘Fruits Vs Veggies’— on Google Play Store and has over 200,000 downloads. One of the games, ‘KinToons – Hair Salon’ had also been featured on Google Play Store’s early access collection.


Saishree Ashwin, Head of Games and Apps at Kinsane said, “At Kinsane, we endeavour to create totally engaging apps & games for kids that teach valuable lessons.  All of our games, including ‘KinToons: Nursery Rhyme DJ’, feature dozens of delightful, hidden surprises along with characters kids already know from our animated or live action content. In this game, kids get to be real, live DJs…kids just love it..(and a word of warning…parents can fall in love with this game too). In the not-too-distant future, we’ll be offering additional games like this featuring more rhymes and more characters. Also, parents can rest assured because we work hard to ensure our games are safe and friendly for kids of all ages, and that they are COPPA compliant. These are exciting times for Kinsane as we are seeing a lot of appreciation for our content. We are honoured to be one of the App Store’s top picks globally.”

KinToons – Nursery Rhyme DJ by Kinsane Entertainment Inc. can be downloaded from the App Store:


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Kinsane Entertainment, Inc., a global digital entertainment & education company focused on 2 to 11-year-old kids. The company creates and distributes both high-quality videos and games where fun, captivating characters become iconic brands. Kinsane’s philosophy is to create content that is entertaining for both the kids and their parents. Kinsane is one of the handful companies across the globe that is committed to creating a kid’s safe platform that is compliant with The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and places parents in total control.

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