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Top 10 Tech Gifts for your Dad on Fathers Day

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Fathers day is just around the corner and it is one of those important days when you can show your dad how much he means to you. Our parents have spent their entire lives looking after our needs and it is time we reciprocate the love and care. With the rapidly progressing tech world, it is a tad difficult for most older people to keep up. So here is a list of 10 best tech gifts for your dad on this Father’s day, things that would help him in his daily life, and things he would surely appreciate:

Smartron tband

tband, a fitness offering by Smartron will take care of your father just like he has taken care of you all his life. From ECG and blood pressure to fatigue and stress, the tracker will track and notify you about your father’s well-being exactly when he requires it the most. In addition to this, the tracker is easy to use as it can easily be calibrated with a smartphone through the thealth app. So this fathers day give your father the #GiftOfHealthyLife and express your love for him.

Available at an exciting price of INR 4,999/- you can order the tband on Flipkart.

Oraimo Toast OPB-P103D 10,000 mAh powerbank

Priced at INR 1,799, the slim and stylishly designed oraimo Toast OPB-P103D is enabled with a high density Lithium polymer battery cell. It comes with a shell that has an anti-slip pattern for better grip and looks classy in the scratch less white and black body. The gadget is packed with advanced features such as a single DC 5.0V/2A input port and two output with DC 5.0V and 2.1A MAX with fast charging capabilities and gives 200 hours’ standby time and 8 hours’ talk time. The dual USB output supports high speed charging of two devices at same time. Boasting of the sleek exterior, this power bank measures 143*75*14mm. Compatible with all iOS and Android devices, smartphones, mobiles and other smart devices, its makes for a great gift for your dad on this fathers day.

Mi Smart Scale

One of the best value for money products that can be bought for your father on this Father’s Day is the Xiaomi Mi Scale. Unlike conventional body scales, this smart scale from Xiaomi comes with a ton of added information like 1. Muscle mass 2. Visceral Fat 3. Basal metabolism 4. Bone mass 5. BMI 6. Body fat etc
This is a boon for people who are health conscious and for people who should be. With increasing age, increases the dangers to the proper functioning of our body and the Mi Scale can help you Dad be fit and healthy on this fathers day!

Priced at Rs 1,999 this is a no brainer!

Oneplus 6

techindian oneplus 6

If your dad is a tech aficionado and budget isn’t a constraint for you, Oneplus 6 is the way to go. The latest offering from the rising tech giant, Oneplus is at par (if not better!) with the flagships of the who’s who of tech world. With a industry leading 6/8GB of RAM coupled with the mightiest Snapdragon 845, the Oneplus 6 will never let your dad down even if he’s the kind to keep 100s of background processes active. And in a rare occurrence, the Oneplus 6 is a device which has as beautiful an exterior as powerful as it’s interior. Also, did we mention that the Dash charge on the Oneplus 6 is arguably one of the fastest charging solutions out there? If your dad frequently forgets to charge his device, the Oneplus 6 will provide him a day’s power in half an hour. One of our top picks for gifting your dad on this fathers day.

Gionee S11 Lite

The Gionee S11 Lite has recently been launched and it has announced the 2nd homecoming of a brand which is adored by users pan India. At a price of Rs 13,999, the hardware includes a bright 5.7 inch 18:9 HD panel, 4 GB of RAM, dual camera set up for portrait mode and a massive 16MP front camera for some excellent selfies. Did we mention that the rear side of this device is beautiful! If your dad requires a smartphone for general photography and social media apps, at the same time a phone which will make heads turn, the Gionee S11 Lite is the way to go on this fathers day!


Asus Zenfone Max Pro

Let us imagine that your dad occasionally takes a couple of selfies or family pictures, he uses his phone to make calls and use social media apps other than when he’s going through the daily news. But most importantly he requires a smartphone which is not just good at multitasking but also has an enviable battery life, something that he does not have to charge every day. The most bang for the buck device under Rs 15,000 is none other than The Zenfone Max Pro. With price starting at Rs 10,999, the Snapdragon 636 processor under its hood make it a beast of a device. With a 18:9 Full HD screen and a dual camera set up for portrait mode, you can not go wrong with this one on fathers day.

You can buy the 4GB/64GB variant for Rs 12,999 here : Flipkart

And the 3GB/32GB variant for Rs 10,999 here: Flipkart

JVC XS-XN226 Bluetooth Speaker

Loud and Clear Sound is one paradigm of its excellence, but also the attractive designing is classy yet trendy. The very first portable Bluetooth speaker from JVC could be carried conveniently in your hand; with the handheld; it’s lightweight, compact and the ultra-thin design stylishly falls into your pocket at ease. The speakers are integrated with innovative sound boosters to calibrate the sound just as one would think it should be, ear-pleasing and loud. The technology embedded in this small package delivers you premium quality audio and dynamic sound with each tone mapping a distortion free bass foundation to a just-as-wanted high. The perfect gift for your dad on this fathers day!

You can buy it here for Rs 1999: Flipkart

Amazon Echo Dot

What is better than to make your dad’s daily life easier on this father’s day. The Echo Dot from Amazon does exactly that. It can answer most of your questions, read out the latest news to you, tell you stories and play your favourite music. Want more? It can be used to control the light/fan/AC/Geyser switches in your house on voice commands! Talk about making life easier!

Kindle Paperwhite / Basic

Nothing is more soothing to the soul than reading! And admit it, our dads read/used to read much more than we do. But book-reading comes with a tiny bit of a hassle. One has to drive all the way to a bookstore, be hopeful that they would have the book you wish to read, and then drive back. Or buy a book online and wait for a week for it to be delivered to your doorstep. All this hullabaloo can be circumvented with the Kindle devices. Starting at Rs 5,000, they are a great investment for someone who loves reading books. They can easily hold hundreds of books and buying a book on the Kindle Store/Amazon India takes not more than a couple of minutes. Not to mention, the text size can be increased or the fonts changed according to the preference of the user. All these qualities make the Kindle devices an ideal gift for your beloved dad on this fathers day.

Canon 3000D

Photography isn’t just a hobby, it is a lifestyle! If that is true for your dad, maybe it is time to help him upgrade from his measly smartphone camera to a proper entry level DSLR from none other than Canon. The latest offering from Canon, comes with some nifty features and a lucrative price tag of Rs 25,000 (approx.) It will also come with a complimentary set of beginner’s classes conducted by Canon which can be extremely beneficial for anyone trying out their first DSLR. The perfect gift on fathers day!

You can buy the Canon 3000D for Rs 23,990 here: Fliprkart

Make this fathers day special for your dad by being unconventional with your gifts. Stop taking the traditional way, give it a twist and take the tech way with us. Because no matter where your dad is in his journey with technology, there will be always something new out there that’s perfect for him.


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