Puresight launches WiFi connected Vacuum Robot Roomba 671 in India

Cleaning your floor is always a tiring job. You have to somehow get your vacuum cleaner to go below the bed, under the couch, over the rug, and steer it through the narrow passageway between chairs beneath the dining table. And after all of your hard work, you finally press a button to switch on […]

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iRobot launches Roomba 606 – Robotic Vacuum Cleaner at Rs 19900

If you’re looking to switch from the traditional way of floor cleaning or from hand-held vacuum cleaners to a robotic vacuum cleaner that does the job on its own automatically, unmonitored, now is the right time to do so! The power-packed Roomba® 606 can be yours for a launch offer of just INR 19,900, that’s a whopping 7k lesser than […]

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