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STM DUX Case for Macbook Air Review


The ultra-light laptop that changed how a generation works and travels, the MacBook Air is nevertheless not without shortcomings. With a metal casing which is quite slippery, it’s liable to fall off laps at conferences and slide-off tables on airplanes. Been there done that? This is why the STM Dux all-over see-through protective sleeve is a great idea. But does it make your Macbook Air bulky? Does it serve its purpose of protecting your hardware ? Lets check out.

Too bulky?

So lets quickly talk about the elephant in the room. Macbook is the obvious travel companion for most owing to its thin and lightweight chassis. It is preferred by people on the move thanks to its mean dimensions.

So why would we want to make it heavier or bulkier? Well, one world – Protection. We tried out the STM Dux for our Macbook Air 13 inch which weighs at 1.35kg. The STM Dux (H 8.9 x W 12.8 x D 0.7 in) adds a further 350g to the total weight, and it does significantly add to the thickness, too.

But we had no issues sliding it in or out of any sleeves or backpack pockets meant for the Macbook Air, and that was pleasantly surprising to say the least. We would in future be reviewing the STM backpacks too and would hope to see the Macbook Air + Dux Case fit in snugly in those as well.

Of course the Dux case is no where close to a Macbook skin/decal or a leather/premium sleeve w.r.t thickness but that is precisely what makes the Dux so useful. A skin or a leather sleeve are much less likely to save your beloved Macbook during a disastrous fall. More about that later.

Free ports

Transparent on the underside and the top, but with a black bezel around the latter, the STM Dux does include cut-outs for all ports and microphones.

So it’s possible to attach headphones, a power cable or USB devices to the MacBook Air without needing to remove the case.

The transparent yet durable plastic allows one to enjoy the aesthetics of their Macbook without compromising on its looks for protection.

Many other cases that we have earlier tried slipped despite their rubber pads. Another thing that surprised us was the fact that we could lift the Macbook screen with just one finger without holding down the base even with the thick Dux case on.

Transparent design

Some people like to have their brightly lit Apple logo on the back of the Macbook on display as Macbooks have someone come to portray a certain standard in computing. But then there are those too who like to keep their laptops inconspicuous and incognito and would like to hide the Apple logo by throwing some stickers or pics on it. Luckily, the STM Dux allows for both; you can leave the logo showing, or you can insert pictures, stickers and other disguising stuff between the MacBook and the STM Dux.

It’s a snug enough fit to keep everything in place. Unlike some of the similar cases (Read UAG) who with their designs try to hijack the branding of your device, STM allows your Macbook to retain its beauty with its simple yet classy design. Though overtime, the transparent part of the casing can accumulate a multitude of scratches ..but hey, protection!

Heavyweight contender

The STM Dux is tough, and we mean TOUGH! It’s  quite durable, and as promised can hold on quite well with falls. We had had a mini heart attack drop testing our Macbook Air with the Dux case on and thankfully it came out sans any damage and in perfect working condition (Though we would not like to repeat that test!)

Oh and did we mention, it’s even water-resistant. RESISTENT not WATERPROOF. So kindly do not take your Macbook for a dip in the pool. The Dux case will however save your precious device from generic spills et al provided the laptop is shut and the case is covering the Macbook.

Sure, it’s not going to win any prizes for good looks but it is ideal for when protection is the only thing you care about. This functional Dux case is a heavyweight contender that’s nevertheless good value for anyone touting a MacBook Air on their daily commute. It is available in India for Rs 3799.

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