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Ringke Fusion Clear Case Review : Oneplus 6

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The Ringke Fusion Clear is one of the company’s thinner, more lightweight cases, but it still provides a ton of protection for your device. This time we’re taking a look at the Ringke Fusion Clear case for the Oneplus 6.

The Ringke Fusion Clear case is available for Rs 899 on Amazon India, but the big question here is whether or not it’s worth that money.

The Oneplus 6 is already a pretty durable device. Oneplus has made a pretty big deal about the device being pretty durable, even down to the display, where the corners are rounded so when the phone is dropped, the corners get a bit more protection (that’s usually where phones land when they are dropped).

Now the Ringke Fusion Clear Case adds a bit more protection to the Oneplus 6. As soon as you take it out of the package, you’ll notice that it is indeed a well built case. The borders have air pocket like protection to protect the impact of a fall when the device falls onto one of its sides.

The front of the case has a slight lip that makes sure your screen does not suffer scratches if you are the kind to keep your phone face down on your desk.

As with the other Ringke Fusion cases, the Fusion clear case for the Oneplus 6 too is light, thin and durable. The fingerprint sensor at the back is easily accessible. The thickness at the backside of the case means that the effect of the protruding camera hump is nullified. Hence, your camera lens would not suffer scratches easily, if you, like us, like to keep your phone face up.

The edges around this cut out are chamfered a bit and this serves two purposes. One is to keep the case out of the way of the camera, and the other is to protect as much of that area as possible.

On the side you’ll also see a discreet Ringke logo which in no way hampers the looks of your device buy boldly showing its own branding.

On the bottom you’ll find cut outs for the USB-C connector, speaker and the 3.5mm jack. With the top having cut out for the secondary microphone. There are no cut outs for the volume rocker, but they are indented a bit. Making it easier to find the volume rocker, and use it. And this is where we faced the only issue with this case. The indented volume rocker buttons on the case aren’t the most responsive and one has to press them hard to change the volume.

The button on the other side for the power button is infact perfectly fine and functional. Ringke has even textured the power button so that you do not miss it while feeling for it with your thumb.

The back of the Ringke Fusion Clear case is perfectly clear and does not dampen the look of your Oneplus 6 at all. Infact one can put a sticker inside the case for a new look!

Above the power button is a cut out for the much loved alert slider. This is quite functional but we wished there was a larger cut out. If you have thick stubby fingers you might have to try a couple of times before being able to use the alert slider.

All that being said, the Ringke Fusion Clear case is one of the best Value for Money case for the Oneplus 6 right now. Most case manufacturers have still not come out with their cases for the Oneplus 6 despite the device being quite popular internationally. At Rs 899, this case will take care of your precious Oneplus 6 for a long time.

Oh and did we mention the Ringke Fusion Clear case for Oneplus 6 also comes with a pretty lanyard!

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