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RichBean Retract Review : No More Tangling


There have been many earphones which have tried to solve the issue of a pair of earphones getting tangled in your pocket. Two of the most popular solutions have been to use flat wires or to have a retractable mechanism. The RichBean Retract come under the latter. Though priced around Rs 1500, these are mostly available on Amazon India for Rs 699, so lets dive into the full RichBean Retract Review.

Design, Build and Comfort – RichBean Retract Review

As you can see, these earphones look very stylish and classy. Our unit is Black in color and currently this is the only color variant on offer. We would wish there were more color options on offer.

The design is stylish and the build quality robust. The ear tips feel premium and metallic. The silicon tips are comfortable and come in 3 sizes inside the box. RichBean branding is prominent on the earbuds but not at all in a tacky manner. The cable is not flat but the retractable mechanism makes sure it is not getting tangled easily. More on the mechanism later.

The silicon ear tips are well made and do not cause any discomfort even with prolong usage. The 3.5mm jack feels robust albeit comes without gold plating which is understandable considering the price point.

RichBean has thoughtfully added a pouch in the box which would prevent dirt and lint from getting into the earphones.

Specification – RichBean Retract Review

Speaker Units : 10 mm
Sensitivity : 105 DB + 3 DB
Impedance : 32
Frequency Range : 20 Hz – 20 KHz
Cable : 1.2 meter
Color : Black
Material : Polished Metal
Ear tips : Soft Silicon
Ear tip size : Small/Medium/Large

Sound quality – RichBean Retract Review

Lets move onto the most important thing about a pair of earphones, the sound quality. The silicon tips provide good noise isolation and we were mighty impressed with the sound quality.

richbean retract review techindian

The trebles are fine, the mids are good but it is the bass where the RichBean Retract shine. The over all sound is impressive and considering the price of Rs 699, the RichBean Retract justify their price tag.

You can use the equalizer in your phone to further enhance the output of the sound according to your personal preference.

Connectivity and features – RichBean Retract Review

The RichBean Retract come with a mic and a single button which can be used to take/end calls or Play/Pause music. We had no issues during phone calls and music/media playback.

The 3.5mm jack makes sure you can connect them to most of your devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Retractable Mechanism – RichBean Retract Review

The USP of the RichBean Retract is of course, the retracting mechanism. The use of which is the fact that your earphones will not tangle easily in your pockets or bag and hence save you time and frustration, which in the case of these earphones, is true.

The mechanism does what it is meant to do and we never got “entangled”. But the mechanism is a bit flimsy and takes more than a single tug of the wire to “retract” the wire.

The constant tugs had us worried about the longevity of the unbraided silicon covered cables.

Conclusion – RichBean Retract Review

While having the retractable mechanism is clearly an advantage, the RichBean Retract would still justify their price point solely based on the audio quality. These are a robust pair of earphones and if you want to escape the entanglement, get these!