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Rapoo VPRO V110 Gaming keyboard and Mouse Review

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A gamer’s need is something not everyone understands. Buying a new keyboard or a mouse for a gaming PC seems to be an added expense, an expense that is wasteful and can be easily avoided. Tell that to a gamer and he/she’ll probably use those COD skills on you. Having said that not every gamer gets to build the top of the line gaming PC and that is mostly due to budget restrictions. However, Rapoo is on a mission to make these gamers feel extremely happy by providing some amazing gaming accessories at an affordable price. Last week we talked about the Rapoo VPro V150 Headphone and today we have Rapoo VPRO V110 Review.

Today we review the keyboard and mouse combo of Rapoo which is VPRO V110. The combo is extremely affordable, easy to use and has some great features which every gamer loves to have. So without further ado let’s delve deeper into what makes this keyboard and mouse combo such a great pick. Let’s get to the Rapoo VPRO V110 Review now:


Design – Rapoo VPRO V110 Review

The design of VPRO V110 keyboard and mouse combo is what we at TechIndian love the most. We received a black colour version of the combo for review and on opening the box we were in awe of the build quality right from the outset.

Even before picking up the keyboard out of the box, we could see that while the body was made of plastic it still looked quite classy.

The keyboard has an edgy look to it and add to it the amount of space that is afforded to every key on the keyboard without making it too big. The keyboard which is quite light as compared to some other gaming keyboards has backlit keys with multiple coloured LEDs. The keyboard provides a stunning view once it is plugged in as all the keys light up and give that added clarity to the keys.


Performance – Rapoo VPRO V110 Review

While the keyboard looks stunning, it performs better than our expectations. With the LEDs the user experience become quite enhanced and it actually helps improve your gaming performance. There’s also an option to change the LED mode on the keyboard. There are 4 different modes- always on, symmetrical flashing LEDs, blinking LEDs and always off. While the blinking LEDs look cool, we would advise not to use it while playing as it ended up hampering our concentration during CS:GO sessions. The always off mode of LEDs is also not preferred due to the alphabets becoming too dull to read.

Apart from that, the keyboard also has an extended palm resting space to make the gaming experience a lot more comfortable. The keys are quite comfortable as Rapoo has given every key a good amount of space so that you don’t accidentally press another key. The keys are also curved upwards which makes the experience of using the keyboard a lot better since the chances of fingers slipping become quite less.
While the keyboard is a wired one, it still manages to have a long enough wire to ensure you do not start pulling on the keyboard in the middle of your gaming session! This seems to be a huge advantage as most of the wires nowadays are so short that it actually ends up ruining the whole gaming experience.


Design – Rapoo VPRO V110 Review

Just like the keyboard we found the mouse to be extremely edgy. While it literally is full of edges, the design looks class apart. The mouse basically has the regular two click buttons at the top along with a scroller. Add to this a dedicated DPI button just below the scroller and two clickable buttons on the right side and it becomes a great affordable gaming mouse.

After getting the basics right, Rapoo was still not done. The mouse has a design showcasing electrical current running through it (or roots- whichever you prefer) along with in-lit LED light. But that’s not all. Press the DPI button and it changes the LED colour along with sensitivity settings!


Just like the keyboard, the mouse performed quite well during our rigorous testing while playing CS:GO, Battlefield 3 and COD:Black Ops. The design affords a good grip overall and feels quite comfortable and fun to use. However, we found the mouse to be a bit uncomfortable at times especially during long usage.

The buttons on the side performed quite well and actually better than we’d hoped. A light touch enabled the functions that the buttons were assigned to which actually improved the gaming experience as we were easily able to switch weapons during gameplay. The dedicated DPI button also allowed us the freedom to quickly change sensitivity during gameplay which some of the gamers here at TechIndian really like to do.

Pricing – Rapoo VPRO V110 Review

The affordability factor in the Rapoo VPRO V110 keyboard and mouse combo is something that would actually convince a lot of gamers in India. The products when looked at from the price point of view are made of good quality material.

Rapoo has gone to quite some length with the VPRO series to bring affordable gaming accessories to India and with the quality being delivered by them we believe this combo may be one of the best and safest bets in the market today. If you liked our Rapoo VPRO V110 Review, let us know in the comments and share it with your gamer friends!

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