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Rapoo V600 Gamepad Review

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When it comes to gaming, the weapon in the hands of gamers – a gamepad, is of utmost importance. A controller in the hands of a gamer is just like a gun in the hands of a shooter at the Olympics. Perfect balance, comfortable grip and a supreme fit are 3 elements that are extremely crucial to their success. You’d never find a gamer who would win a competition and then say that they wasn’t happy with their gamepad. That is why we believe having a good quality gamepad is an absolute necessity even for gamers who are on a limited budget. Keeping this in mind, Rapoo has recently launched the Rapoo V600 gamepad for PC/Android with dual vibration. Without further ado lets delve deeper into what makes this gamepad a probable success in the coming weeks. Here is our Rapoo V600 Gamepad Review :

Design – Rapoo V600 Gamepad Review

The gamepad we received for review was the black version which looked extremely classy and fit perfectly in our palm. A dual touch gamepad with classic button layout is just the beginning point of how effective this gamepad is.

Similar to the Xbox game controller, the Rapoo VPro V600 comes with a centre logo that is backlit with blue light. However, it does have a bit more buttons as compared to the regular gamepad. Apart from this one of the most cherished aspect of this gamepad is a long usb wire that makes using this device so much easier than many other gamepads out there in the market today.

The analog sticks are quite comfortable and perfectly placed to provide the best gaming experience to users. The gamepad has a matte finish on sides with dual tone black finish. The buttons on the gamepad have a nice finish to them and look extremely classy with prominent letters on them. It also has a X/D/A button which makes the device easy to configure.

Performance – Rapoo V600 Gamepad Review

The gamepad receives a high-performance rating from our end as the design of the device itself makes sure that it does not hinder performance. We played multiple games using this device on both Windows and Android and this device worked perfectly on both. We tried this gamepad on NFS Most Wanted, Call of Duty Black Ops III and GTA V. We were quite happy with the performance of each and every button on the device and the vibration function worked extremely well on this device.

Apart from that we tried playing Modern Combat 5 and Riptide GP Series on Android and the gamepad worked flawlessly for both games. The only lacking point in this was that we had to use OTG to connect our phone to the device. This caused a lot of battery drain but apart from that the performance was quite satisfactory.

Coming back to the X/D/A button, it can be used to seamlessly switch between a new generation gaming pad on pc, a classic gamepad for windows and a gamepad for android. All the buttons on the gamepad are quite comfortable to use and are quite responsive as well.

Final Verdict – Rapoo V600 Gamepad Review

Overall the device performs quite well when we take into consideration that it is aimed at budget gamers. The design of the device is such that any gamer would love to use it for regular gaming purposes.

Having said that, we are not sure how it would perform under heavy gaming conditions over a prolonged period. In case you have a tight budget but are a gaming enthusiast we’d suggest using the Rapoo VPro V600 gamepad. It definitely would meet all your needs and the gamepad never really let us down throughout our testing period.

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