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Introduction – QHM855 Gaming headset

Established in the year 1992, Headquartered at New Delhi, Quantum Hi-Tech today is one of the most popular consumer electronics, security solutions & high-quality IT hardware/peripherals company which has gained massive popularity thanks to its affordable prices compared to the market competition. With that mindset, Quantum Hi-Tech has come out with the QHMPL QHM855 Gaming headset for the Indian masses.

Build Quality and Design – QHM855 Gaming headset

The design of the QHM855 Gaming headset is quite innovative. As you plug in the provided USB cable along with the 3.5mm jack, red (or blue, depending on the color you have chosen) LEDs light up on the sides lighting up the robotic face, which I reckon has been an inspiration from the movie Transformers.


Hidden slyly onto the left earpiece is the mic which can be pulled out if needed. It is a noise cancelling mic and works well. Putting it back up in its slot puts it on mute.


The build is sturdy but the plastic on the earpieces can feel tacky at times with its glossy finish. There is a comfortable cushion on the head-band for easy prolonged use. I had no issues wearing the QHM855 Gaming headset at one go for a couple of hours.


The earmuffs themselves are quite large and cover the full ears comfortably. The inner lining of the ear muffs is made of a honeycomb-mesh fabric which makes the fabric breathable and sweat isn’t a bother when you are gaming non-stop.


The audio cord is braided and that makes it much less likely to get entangled or break. It is great to see that QHM855 Gaming headset does not cut costs where it matters most to consumers.

The Audio cable itself has 3 cables, a 3.5 mm stereo jack, a microphone jack and a USB cable to power up the LEDs and the bass.

The audio wire also has a chunky volume control-cum-bass toggle attached to it for easy usability.

Music – QHM855 Gaming headset

It is quite obvious that Quantum Hi-Tech has designed the QHM855 Gaming headset keeping Gaming as its main purpose and not music. This headset offers a good amount of base and decent treble but nothing better than a mid level Skullcandy or Sennheiser. So refrain from buying this if your sole purpose is to listen to music. But if you want an affordable gaming headset then the QHM855 Gaming headset might as well be your best bet currently. Price is a big factor while reviewing something like the QHM855 Gaming headset as providing all these features at such a price is a feat in itself.

I did not hear any distortion even at max volumes and that goes on to show that the QHM855 Gaming headset have been made using good quality hardware.

The toggle switch on the volume control bar on the QHM855 Gaming headset allows you to power the bass using USB cable. The bass was quite effective and being someone who loves deep bass, it was a pleasure to feel my ears vibrate mercilessly on Nucleya songs.

Do not listen to hard core bass for long though, can certainly damage your ears.

Features – QHM855 Gaming headset

The QHM855 Gaming headset does not require any software or complex procedures to use. It is a simple plug-n-play device.

Following are some of the features of the QHM855 Gaming headset:

  • Vibration with Bass Aluminum to improve Audio performance
  • Wired
  • On-the-ear Headphones with Sensitive Mic Stick
  • Omnidirectional
  • Circumaural
  • Open Headphones
  • Over-the-head Design
  • 20 mW of Max Power Input
  • 30 mm Headphone Driver Units
  • Neodymium Magnet
  • 20 Hz – 20000 Hz Headphone Frequency Response
  • 62dB+-3dB Sensitivity
  • 6.0*5.0mm Sensitive Microphone
  • 3.5mm Gold Plated Jack
  • 2.0 USB for vibration
  • 2m Cable length

Headphone Driver Units 30 mm
Impedance – 32 ohm (Power On)
Sensitivity – 62 dB/mW (Power On)
Frequency Response – 20 – 20000 Hz
Maximum Power Input – 20 mW


  • Filters ambient noise
  • Be heard loud and clear without the distraction of background noise. Adjust the mic to pick up only your voice. Rotate the mic boom up and out of the way to mute.

Other Sound Features
Noise Isolation Headphone Cushions, Soft Breathable Headband, Flat 2.2 m Anti – Tangle Cable, Deep and Dynamic Bass, Soft Foam Cushions, Acoustic system: Open, Voice coil: CCAW, Diaphragm: Mylar Dome

Specifications : QHM855 Gaming headset

General Specifications
Headphone Type – On-the-ear (Circumaural), Open Back
Headset Design – Over-the-head
Wired/Wireless – Wired
Magnet Type – Neodymium


Headphone Jack – 3.5 mm
Headphone Jack – 2.0
Connector Plating – Gold Plated
Cord Type – 2 m Two-Parallel, Symmetric – Optical Fiber Cable Cord

Plays nice

  • Works with games, movies, music, and common calling applications including Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Gmail Voice & Video Chat, and Windows Live Messenger.

Price and Color – QHM855 Gaming headset

The QHM855 Gaming headset is available in two colors namely :Shinning Black and Blue with Blue Led, Shinning Black and Red with Red Led.


The price quoted on the box is Rs 960 but these are retailing between Rs 530-580 on Amazon India and Ebay India. So for that price, it makes these a fantastic buy!

Final Verdict – QHM855 Gaming headset

QHM855 Gaming headset is a really good buy with some amazing features like powered bass, tangle free cable, decent looks, noise cancelling mic and breathable headband.


Such features usually cost you a couple of thousand rupees, therefore the QHM855 Gaming headset is something you should totally go for if you are a budget consumer and these will not disappoint you!

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