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PTron Musicbot Speaker Review – Value for money


PTron has been coming out with some really inexpensive products that are full of great features. Their competitive pricing has been their USP whereas these products are able to provide more features for a substantially less burden on your pocket. Today we are reviewing such a product, the PTron Musicbot speaker ! Read on to find if the PTron Musicbot Speaker is a good purchase for you or not.

Design and Build Quality – PTron Musicbot Speaker Review

PTron comes out with some really sleek products, the PTron Musicbot Speaker is one of those. There is a beautiful concentric circle design encompassing the 3W speaker which shines when light falls on it.

The PTron Musicbot Speaker will surely be an eye catcher. The circular unibody is made of metal and is quite sturdy and protects the internals of the PTron Musicbot Speaker well. The rubber pad at the base makes sure your speaker does not slide while you blast the music. However, the exposed speaker element does mean one needs to be careful with it.

Connectivity – PTron Musicbot Speaker Review

This is one of the aspects where the PTron Musicbot Speaker can take lead over speakers twice its value. Not only does it have a bluetooth 4.2 connectivity but it also houses an AUX-IN and a MicroSD card slot.


If one does not wish to waste the battery of their smartphone for playing music, they can just fill in the songs in a TF card and they are good to go.

The buttons on the side can be used for basic functions like going to next/previous song, picking up a call and switching the PTron Musicbot Speaker on/off.

Battery – PTron Musicbot Speaker Review

Considering the tiny size of the portable PTron Musicbot Speaker the battery does fine. Fully charging the device takes around 2-3 hours and a fully juiced up battery is good for a music playback of around 4 hours.

Music – PTron Musicbot Speaker Review

The most important aspect of the PTron Musicbot Speaker is the sound it produces, that is what you would buy it for. The treble is well balanced, the highs are crisp and even at max volume the sound never cracks. However the bass is at best, average, while the box explicitly mentions “High Bass”.

But then for a 3W speaker this is as good as it gets which is true for speakers twice the price of the PTron Musicbot Speaker. The loudness is decent for a single person’s use in a medium sized room. The sound is obviously much better than your laptop’s tiny speakers, incase you wish to attach it to the same to watch content.

Price – PTron Musicbot Speaker Review

Retailing at Rs 699, the PTron Musicbot Speaker has been priced extremely competitively and that for us, is its biggest USP. The kind of audio quality the PTron Musicbot Speaker produces is comparable to most speakers under Rs 2000 (That is almost 3X price of the PTron Musicbot Speaker).

Conclusion – PTron Musicbot Speaker Review

The PTron Musicbot Speaker is a great value for money product if your usage is mostly restricted to a couple hours of music/content consumption. The sound quality is excellent albeit not the loudest.

For the price conscious, online shopping, young generation, the PTron Musicbot Speaker makes all the sense in the world.


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