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Moto Z2 Force Tips and Tricks to make full use of your smartphone

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Moto z2 force geared up with Android Oreo out of the box has all the perks of the latest android version that you can enjoy on your device. But there are several tips and tricks that are peculiar to the moto device and makes the usage more personalized and fun!

Dedicated Depth Editor

The dual camera device comes with a lot of preset shooting modes, “Depth” mode being one of them, where you can blur the background and focus on a particular object in your capture.
the photos shot with “Depth” mode can be edited in Photo Editor as well as Depth Editor which has various options such as shift and adjust the blur in the picture or turn the background black and white while the colour of the focused object in the picture is retained.

One button navigation

The fingerprint scanner on the front panel in the device has another important role to serve as well- one button navigation. You can get rid of the navigation bar on the screen by turning to the scanner for the navigational usage.

To enable One Button Navigation, open the ‘Moto App’ and go to ‘Moto Actions’. Then slide the switch next to ‘One Button Nav’ to the On position.

Going forward, navigation is done with a swipe to the left to go back, a swipe to the right to open the app switcher, and a tap on the sensor to go home. You can also swap these functions while setting up the function according to your convenience by clicking on the ‘Learn More’ option. It also consists of a mini tutorial for you to setup the function.

Quirky gestures are a moto-thing

The famous ‘chop-chop’ gesture to turn the flashlight one is a common asset shred by most of the new generation moto devices. Similarly, you can twist your hand twice in a swift option to open the camera app even when the phone is locked.

There are other gestures dedicated to respective functions which you can go for to make the usage experience more fun.

You need to turn on each respective gesture before it will work, however

To set up these gestures, open the Moto app, select Moto Actions and turn on the appropriate action. After extensive usage till now, I can mention that the device responds efficiently to these gestures.

Updating moto Mods

moto Mods are easy-to-use units serving different purposes to make the user experience more convenient by not adding noticeable weight to the device’s primary build, which is Turbo Mod in our case.
To ensure that you keep getting the best performance from your Mods, it’s advisable to periodically check for software updates.

To check for the updates, place the moto Mod on your phone, go to Settings options and enter the Connected devices list where you’ll spot the ‘moto Mods’ option. Here you can select the option to switch on or off the Turbo Mod according to your phone’s battery percentage.
After you enter ‘moto Mods’, in the ‘About this moto Mod’ section you’ll find the ‘Software Updates’ option where you can check for the updates.

If there is an update, you will be asked to download and install it, leaving the Mod attached until finished.

Vibrant or Standard

The device although comes with the ‘Vibrant’ color mode out of the box but you can change it to ‘Standard’ according to your preference (it does not prolong the battery life significantly so to mention). Go to ‘Settings’ and proceed to the ‘Display’ option where you’ll find the ‘Color Mode’ bar where you can switch between the modes. On a personal note, the display being one of the highlights of the device, you wouldn’t wish to switch to a faded tone.

Multiple users for the device

If you are wary of your device being tossed around among multiple users and wish to keep your apps and other information secure, the device provides you with the multiple user facility out of the box. This feature allows you to keep separate user accounts with different set of apps and accessible information. Go to ‘Settings’ and move to ‘Users and accounts’ where you’ll find the ‘Users’ tab at the top of the screen. Once you enter it, you’ll have the option of adding users to the device and selecting the information accessible to each user. So, you can have a work account and a personal account for your device for more security.

These were few functional short cuts and hidden features that make your experience with the device more convenient and fun at the same time. Let us know if you found the information useful and share with us if you discover any more tricks other than the ones enlisted here!

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