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Ant Audio Thump 504 Review : Bass for the buck!


One of the most popular and budget friendly earphones from the UK based audio company Ant Audio are the Thump 504. While priced at Rs 999 on Amazon India these are frequently being sold under lightening deal for Rs 399, Competing with the likes of boAt BassHeads 100 (Also Rs 399) and Mi Earphones basic (Rs 399). With such stiff competition, do these live up to the hype? Read on to know in our full Ant Audio Thump 504 Review.

In the box – Ant Audio Thump 504 Review

  • Ant Audio Thump 504
  • Warranty Card
  • Extra ear tips

Build Quality – Ant Audio Thump 504 Review

The Ant Audio Thump 504 are well built and sturdy yet quite light. The cable is flat and hence will not get tangled in your pocket unlike the Mi Basic earphones and the BassHeads 100.

The 3.5mm headphone jack is gold plated and the buds on the Ant Audio Thump 504 are built solidly with a metal mesh at the back. These are available in Black, White and Gold colors, we have reviewed the ones in Black.

Sound Quality – Ant Audio Thump 504 Review

The Ant Audio Thump 504 are made out to be all about the bass and might I say, rightly so. Though there is no ANC (and at this price point it would be incorrect to ask for the same) the noise isolation with the included silicon tips was good and the bass came out exceptionally well.

Changing the EQ on your phone might further increase the “Thump” in the Ant Audio Thump 504 but is not something we suggest doing. Also, as any basshead would know, bass comes at the price of highs and mids.

With decent amount of treble, the Ant Audio Thump 504 won’t give you anything to complain about but you are likely to enjoy your music more if you are a bass lover (But then that is why you want to buy these in the first place).

Functionality – Ant Audio Thump 504 Review

The Ant Audio Thump 504 are basic wired earphones which come with a built in mic.

The mic functions well for phone calls, I had no issues with the other party being able to hear me clearly.

Also the Mic has one multipurpose button which can be used for different commands like Play, Pause, Next Track, Previous track, Pick call and End call.

Conclusion – Ant Audio Thump 504 Review

All in all, the Ant Audio Thump 504 are one of the best earphones one can get under Rs 500 and the best ones at Rs 399. The bass is deep and full of Thump, The Flat wire ensures that the cable is not entangled in your pocket while the tough and sturdy construction makes sure these can be used ruggedly. A great buy, on a budget.