Ant Audio H56 Review techindian

Ant Audio H56 Review


With the removal of the headphone jack from almost all the flagships and some of the mid rangers as well, the era of bluetooth earphones seems to be inadvertently dawning upon us. While one never had to “charge” their wired earphones, Bluetooth earphones certainly come with a lot of positives of their own. We’re reviewing one such pair of wireless bluetooth earphones today. Read on to know if the Ant Audio H56 are worth your time and money!

In the Box – Ant Audio H56 Review

The packaging is extremely pleasing at this price point. The unboxing experience at par with some of the earphones which can cost twice or thrice as much.

You’ve got a nice metal box with the Ant Audio branding inside which you find the instruction manual, Ant Audio stickers, a clip for cable fixing, couple of ear hooks, a couple of extra pair of ear tips, MicroUSB charging cable and of course, the H56 themselves.

There’s a carrying pouch for your Ant Audio H56 too. We have got ourselves the ones with blue accents. You can choose from Black, Green and Red ones too. Overall, the first impressions are pretty good considering the thought Ant Audio has given to the little details.

Build Quality – Ant Audio H56 Review

Just as we have come to expect from all Ant Audio products, the build quality of the Ant Audio H56 is top notch. The cable is flat and never entangles inside the pouch or even when it is kept in your pocket.

The earbuds themselves are extremely sturdy and metallic. The ear-tips are at a 45 degree angle for better penetration of the ear canal. This also means they will stay comfortably in even if you go for a jog with these. The control module is towards the right side and contains the (-), (+) and the center button which is of multipurpose utility. The same module holds the battery too.

One issue that we faced with the module being on one side was that the earphones almost always slid to the heavier side with the module, never staying balanced. We wish Ant Audio had put a balancing module on the other side. Or one could just use the included clip but clipping your wireless earphones to your collar does restrict the movement of your head.

The earbuds are magnetic and make it easier to let the buds hang across your neck while not using them, however the magnetic buds do not automatically play/pause the music like on many other bluetooth earphones.

Sound Quality – Ant Audio H56 Review

The H56 are definitely bass heavy and would be appreciated by those who prefer enhanced bass in their songs. The thump becomes even more evident if you fit in the right ear tips according to your preference. Generally medium size ear tips fit me fine but for the Ant Audio H56 the large ones were a perfect fit.

The mids are decent and the treble is balanced. But the highs leave much to be desired, even at this price point. The higher you crank up the volume the more the highs blow out. This is one of the issues faced while giving preference to bass over highs in all earphones, not just the Ant Audio H56, but we would have liked the highs to be a little more balanced as well.

Battery Life – Ant Audio H56 Review

The battery life on the Ant Audio H56 is on the higher side. Considering the price point, most bluetooth earphones would not laast 3-4 hours while the H56 regularly gave a good 5Hr+ run each time.


They are good enough for an entire day’s hustle but if that still does not rock your boat, they can charge up pretty quickly too.

Functionality – Ant Audio H56 Review

The control module of the Ant Audio H56 contains 3 standard buttons and a microphone. These can be used for increasing/decreasing volume, next/previous track, bluetooth pairing and picking/ending a call.

The included microphone is of good quality and we had no issues taking calls.

The other party reported the audio quality to be as clear as from the phone’s microphone.

Conclusion – Ant Audio H56 Review

At Rs 1,599 (Amazon India) the Ant Audio H56 are a good buy. The unboxing experience is like none other at this price point, the build quality is superior and the bass heavy sound is good for most youngsters out there. Buy these if you want a pair of wireless earphones that will not just stand out but also last long.