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Oneplus 6 Oxygen OS 5.1.9 update : Better camera & Battery

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OnePlus is rolling out the newest OxygenOS update. The new update to the OnePlus 6 OxygenOS 5.1.9 adds a battery optimization feature where the phone will intelligently turn off the network operations of the handset when the user is asleep. OnePlus is calling this new feature “Sleep Standby Optimization” and it’ll not be activated by default. Users can activate the feature using the advanced optimization section under the battery optimization option from the phone’s settings. With this update, OnePlus device can be charged up to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes.

The OxygenOS 5.1.9, the update last time focused specifically on camera improvements. If your phone hasn’t yet received the update, worry not, because this is a phased roll-out and devices get the updates in batches. So, what will be new in your OnePlus 6 when your phone eventually does get the goodness of the new update? For starters, the update brings the latest Android security patch, which makes the OnePlus 6 one of the most updated Android phones you can buy. There are improvements to the touchscreen response as well, which will negate accidental detections of a swipe gesture. OnePlus also says “general bug fixes and improvements”, without exact specifics.

This update makes the OnePlus 6 one of the first phones to get the Google Lens integration. The way Lens works is that you open the Lens viewfinder (or trigger it via the camera app) and you can simply point the camera at a piece of text to scan and look up specific searches or even save contacts, scan a QR code, detect products and search for prices online or even aim the camera at a specific location and get more geographical and general information about the place.

The camera performance itself has been given a boost as well. There are tweaked image processing algorithms that improve clarity, dynamic range, edge detection in the portrait mode and overall focusing speed and accuracy. While it is too early to judge if there are significant improvements in overall photography performance, the already very good photography performance could become even better if the algorithms are improved. From what we have experienced thus far, the OnePlus 6’s camera does very well in daytime as well as low-light photos, and also with 4K video recording even in low light.

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