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Rapoo VH150 Gaming Headset Review

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What else can it be used for? – Rapoo VH150 Review

The performance of the headset was quite good during regular movie playback as well. We tried watching Captain America: Civil War (one of our favourite, here at TechIndian!) using this headset.

It provided a great comfortable viewing experience throughout the movie. We never felt any sort of discomfort throughout our movie experience. We did feel that the bass could have slightly been deeper though. The sound throughout the movie was quite good and we’d suggest keeping the sound at about 65-70% to get the perfect experience.

Price – Rapoo VH150 Review

At a price point of Rs 2,999, Rapoo VH150 headset comes at a very affordable price. For gamers in India who are on a tight budget or are looking to start their gaming experience with a good quality headset, Rapoo VH150 is a steal.

The headset’s build quality and its functionality coupled with the classy backlit logo under the mesh make the headset a must buy for any gamer in town.

Final Verdict – Rapoo VH150 Review

Overall the headset performed quite well and impressed us quite a lot. The premium look and feel of the device along with the backlight logo on the cups were the highlight of the headset for us.

The removable microphone was an added advantage for all the gamers who do not like to use microphones or for users who just want to take a break from gaming and watch a movie or listen to their favourite songs. At a price of 2,999, the headset is a perfect gift for all the gamers out there.

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