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OnePlus 5T Review: Flagship slayer!


Cameras – OnePlus 5T Review

This section is a tiny bit disappointing in an otherwise top notch phone (Yes, I said notch!). The 16MP and 20MP dual main cameras and the 16MP selfie camera on the OnePlus 5T are above average, but not close to the quality we’ve seen on Apple, Google or Huawei flagships.

oneplus 5t review techindian

Being a professional photographer, I had high expectations from the 5T, considering that OnePlus’ reasoning for getting a dual camera set up in the first place was improved image quality. As long as you have good lighting, the portrait mode works like a charm and the HDR mode produces crisp and natural colours. But things significantly change when clicking in low light conditions. The Selfie shooter is crisp and wide, quite good for your regular Snapchat stories.

Things will get a little technical here, Skip to the next paragraph incase it sounds like gibberish to you.
So the camera setup on OnePlus 5T consists of 16 MP (f/1.7, 27mm, 1/2.8″, 1.12 µm, gyro EIS) + 20 MP (f/1.7, 27mm, 1/2.8″, 1 µm). The sensor size can not be increased owing to the small space available. The more pixels you put on a sensor, then the smaller the pixel will be. For example an 18 megapixel sensor will have smaller pixels than a 12 megapixel sensor, assuming both sensors were exactly the same size. The size of each Pixel is measured and shown as a Micron with the symbol μm or simply μ, and is short for micrometre. Pixel size ranges from 1.1 microns in the smallest smartphone sensor, to 8.4 microns in a Full-Frame DSLR sensor. The 5T’s 16MP shooter has a micron size of 1.12 µm and the 20MP one with 1µm. While Google and Apple have gone back to 12MP sensors to fit larger pixels of 1.4 microns, OnePlus has chosen to stay with higher MP, thus lower pixel size. This results in pictures which are bigger, but not better when compared to the top flagships. The 5T also comes with EIS and not OIS, while quite good at what it does, the software implementation does not get as good as hardware implementation. That said, We must however mention that OnePlus 5T is still less than half the price of the top flagships in the market.

TL;DR Think of it this way, More the MegaPixel, bigger the photo. Higher the Pixel size, better quality the image will be.

Here are some quick samples:

oneplus 5t review techindian oneplus 5t review techindian oneplus 5t review techindian
The camera app too got an update while we were reviewing the OnePlus 5T and seems to be quite a feature rich one, including portrait mode, 4K filming at 30fps, slow-mo and timelapse.


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